head of department, day 3

Maybe this admin thing won’t be so bad after all. Today’s time use was 60% teaching, 15% administration and 25% research, for a total of 7:54 hours. This blog post is being written in my spare time. Unfortunately the research was all research administration, filling out a form, suggesting reviews, writing a review, oh, and there was some ELINOR administration in there too. But I’m thinking the administration load may drop as I get the hang of it. Or as I don’t have time for it.

I’ve been getting complaints that this is too boring, kind of like a diet blog with nothing but logs of calories eaten and grams gained or lost. Maybe if I work at it I can write the Bridget Jones’ Blog of head-of-departmentship, starting each day with my stats and somehow making it such a must-read that everyone on the internet has to stop by every morning?

Or maybe not.

02. February 2005 by Jill

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