lecture from hell

First lecture this semester, and I had it all worked out. I started taking notes for the lecture a week and a half ago; the blog post with the links I’d need was drafted on Friday, ready for a quick click of the publish button. I checked the network connection in the auditorium on Friday, I sat up till midnight Sunday finding those last links, the ones I never used anyway, and I photocopied the corrected overview of the semester this morning. I’d used the projector before, so didn’t bother to check that it worked. Ha.

What could go wrong? Well, you know I wouldn’t be writing this if nothing went wrong.

  1. I forgot the connecter, that nasty thing Apple has decided every laptop they sell needs to connect to a projector. Of course ibooks, 12 inch powerbooks and 15 inch powerbooks all use different connectors, but fortunately, our Mac guy was in and had just the right sort! Saved.
  2. The room was already taken. See, when I thought I had the room every Monday all semester, what that really meant was every Monday from January 26th. This Monday the room was booked for a group of four students doing an exam. OK: the room downstairs was empty, so we moved there. Except there was no network connection there, so we move up again. Luckily for me, my horde of fifty students outside the door scared the other teacher away and they found another room. Saved.
  3. Expertly connecting all the cords and computers and projectors while smiling to the students I suddenly realised that the connector would connect to my powerbook but not to the cable. After emptying the projector bag on the desk and finding every sort of cable but the kind I needed, I gritted my teeth, leered at the students and yelped that we would be discussing the web without technology for the next hour. How about we start by hearing all about your backgrounds? Saved.
  4. In the break I dashed over to the IT people, projector and laptop in my hands for safekeeping, and borrowed a Windows laptop from them. They set it up superfast, lent me extensions, the correct cable, which still didn’t fit the powerbook connector Diego had lent me, a power adaptor, a long ethernet cable. Laden down with gear, I staggered back to the lecture theatre. Only to find that I apparently hadn’t brought the power adaptor and the laptop was out of juice. And that only one student knew where the IT department was, and she was very heavily pregnant so couldn’t really do stairs and therefore wasn’t really a good person to send to fetch the adaptor.

But then, oh joy! Just as I was opening my mouth to say that I would be drawing webpages on the board and asking them to imagine them moving, one of the front row students coughed. “Would this help?”, he asked, holding out an ibook complete with the correct connector.

I’m going to enjoy this semester. Students with ibooks and connectors in the front row, four students with blogs in the back row, students who know nothing about this stuff but think it sounds really interesting, and ten students who not only have websites, they have their own domain dotted round the room.

And next lecture, I’ll bring all the cables. I promise.

(May your day be more successful.)

17. January 2005 by Jill

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