inscribe yourself in either space

I have dozens of drafted posts that I didn’t post when I wrote them. Either I got distracted and didn’t finish them, or I was embarrassed to have been blogging so much and thought I’d save a post or two, or I decided I wasn’t sure I really wanted to publish that post after all, and they pile up. This morning I found one that is rather apt, and that I was glad to be reminded of. Here it is.

Is my weblog private or public? Is a blogger responsible for a community or beholden to none other than herself? Is a blog a garden for resting, as Tom Matrullo suggested, calling them loci amoeni? Or sphere of the digital age?

The in between and neither nor and this as well of weblogs keeps confounding us, confusing issues, upsetting discussions. I read another paper today, in French this time (such joy, I remember how, it’s easy!) by Florence le Cam, a paper about how blogs are used in a local (geographical) community, and on page 21 she writes:

En lieu et place d’une rÈdÈfinition des frontiËres entre espace public et espace privÈ, peut se poser une hypothËse qui
renvoie davantage ‡ une superposition de ces frontiËres qui amËne le carnetier ‡ síinscrire,
selon le contenu quíil aborde, dans líun ou líautre des espaces. In place of a redefination of the boundaries between public and private space, one might hypothesise it’s more of a superposition (above? between?) these boundaries that allows the blogger to inscribe herself in either public or private space, according to the content.

Exact translation from French isn’t my fortÈ, but I bet I got the general meaning of that. Neither this or that (enten eller), nor really and and and (bÂde og) but this then that this this. It changes.

09. May 2005 by Jill

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