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Norwegian values

I would probably vote for SV if I was a Norwegian citizen and could vote in the Norwegian elections this September, as I agree with them more than I agree with most other parties, but I think Mathias Fischer has … Continue reading

30. July 2013 by Jill
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Dating project blogs: 40 Days of Dating

Blogs are a genre that work beautifully for projects with clear rules and goals that can be tracked in daily posts. Lose weight, cook everything in Julia Childs’ cookbook, stop buying things, declutter the house, only wear clothes you have … Continue reading

29. July 2013 by Jill
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An offline troll

I arrived home from holidays to find a hand-addressed letter in the letter box. The contents weren’t so nice, though:

29. July 2013 by Jill
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Being offended at joy or grief in social media

I wrote an opinion piece for Aftenposten this week arguing that we need to be more tolerant of people who share personal crises – or for that matter, personal happiness – in social media. Yesterday, journalist Kjersti Nipen did a great follow-up interview with … Continue reading

13. July 2013 by Jill
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Beginning a network analysis of creative works of electronic literature as cited in 28 PhD dissertations

Our research group is doing a panel at the ELO conference in Paris this September about ways we can use the ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base to better understand the field of electronic literature. I’ve been tasked with going through … Continue reading

05. July 2013 by Jill
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