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Interesting reads

I love my RSS feed. Every article I read on my almost too-brief commute from work (a mere 13 minutes by train) was brilliant. Culture Digitally and The Institute of Network Cultures both wrote about the leaked Operation Manual for Live … Continue reading

23. February 2012 by Jill
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Creating an author profile at Google Scholar

Google Scholar has a nifty new (?) feature where you can claim and manage your own articles. It suggested I start using it when I searched for my own name (um, I had some reason, I can’t remember what, now…) … Continue reading

21. February 2012 by Jill
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How to collect lots of random Facebook profile photos in a spreadsheet

I’ve been thinking about Facebook profile photos. For instance, have you noticed what a lot of people have kids in their profile photos? Some people use a photo of themselves with one of their kids, some use a photo of … Continue reading

21. February 2012 by Jill
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Spam poetry

Occasionally I get a spam comment that’s simply beautiful. This is poetry, and I don’t have the heart to relegate it to the spam bin, but if I publish it as a comment I’d approve the emailer and risk future … Continue reading

10. February 2012 by Jill
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Alumni networks – LinkedIn or university-run portals?

I’ve just taken over as the new leader of the alumni board here at UiB, and am busy finding out more about the ongoing work with alumni here and thinking about what the potentials are. Our alumni work only started … Continue reading

08. February 2012 by Jill
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Madonna is a fan of fanvids?

Madonna’s half-time show at the Super Bowl yesterday is a great example of the symbiotic relationship between so-called mainstream culture and amateur, remix, fan culture or whatever you want to see it. First, Luminosity made a very well-received fan video … Continue reading

06. February 2012 by Jill
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“One Europe – One Market”

Yesterday I spent the day at a very different kind of conference to the ones I usually attend: an EU conference called “One Europe – One Market“where EU commissioners, industry representatives and princesses discussed the future of the common, single … Continue reading

03. February 2012 by Jill
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