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today’s events: Goggins on groups in social media, Shirky at #NMDShirky and Eivind Berge in debate on gender and terror

Today I’m on a response panel after Clay Shirky’s talk here in Bergen. But there are two other events today that may be just as interesting (and that are free – Shirky’s talk costs 990 kr, about $180, to attend). … Continue reading

27. October 2011 by Jill
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word clouds as visualisations

Jacob Harris of the New York Times offers a useful critique of word clouds, which as he says are often used indiscriminately, providing little insight, or worse, making the actual data less understandable. His examples are excellent. Look at this … Continue reading

17. October 2011 by Jill

the 99% movement’s use of social media

Like many others, I’ve been following the 99% movement in social media, intellectually interested in the use of social technology, and certainly engaged in the cause itself as well (from privileged Norway, certainly part of the 1% globally speaking). Mike … Continue reading

11. October 2011 by Jill

sex, violence and video games

Today is the final class on Digital Media Ethics in DIKULT106, and we’re discussing sex and games. This is my least favourite chapter in Ess’s book – his discussion of sex barely mentions digital media, instead presenting a general ethical … Continue reading

06. October 2011 by Jill

how to improve digital services and content in norway

I’m sipping coffee at Stockfleth’s (found via Foursquare, great place) after sleeping my way to Oslo on the night train from Bergen. I’m reading documents and googling in preparation for the first meeting of Digitutvalget, a government appointed panel that … Continue reading

05. October 2011 by Jill