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feeding e-lit to the ELMCIP knowledge base

The ELMCIP project group here in Bergen has been spending a lot of time feeding the Knowledge base of electronic literature over the last few months, and it’s really starting to come together. Look, here’s a screencast I made showing … Continue reading

25. March 2011 by Jill

what does a great academic blog look like?

My blog desperately needs a makeover. The current design is from 2004 or thereabouts I think, and while I was thrilled at it at the time, it’s messy visually with all the stuff I’ve added (Twitter feeds and delicious links … Continue reading

03. March 2011 by Jill

a knowledge base for electronic literature

Today we’ve opened up the ELMCIP Knowledge Base of electronic literature up to everyone – it’s in public beta. It’s definitely still got a long way to go, but there’s enough there now that I think it’s already got a … Continue reading

02. March 2011 by Jill
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