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my book has been published in korean!

Look at this! I think that the symbols on the blue banner, to the left of the word “Blogging”, may spell out my name. Or part of my name. Does anyone read Korean? I can’t even figure out how to … Continue reading

15. January 2010 by Jill

ELMCIP: european project on electronic literature and creativity

We recently had great news: we’ve received nearly a million euros to fund a large, European project exploring creativity in the field of electronic literature. The project is led by Scott Rettberg and involves researchers from a total of seven … Continue reading

12. January 2010 by Jill

ethics and guidelines for personal bloggers: advertising, privacy and honesty

Privacy of the Self Originally uploaded by snappybex Quite often I receive emails from high school students writing papers about blogging who have long lists of questions they’d like me to answer. Unfortunately I don’t often have time to answer … Continue reading

12. January 2010 by Jill

apply to do a PhD in digital culture at our department!

We have two PhD fellowships advertised right now, with a deadline of January 31. We’re particularly interested in candidates interested in researching electronic literature (perhaps in connection with our freshly-funded project on creativity in electronic literature), digital art, social media, … Continue reading

05. January 2010 by Jill

in norway teenaged girls are the most-read bloggers

Internationally, it seems that the most popular blogs are about gadgets, technology, politics and weird web finds, at least if we can trust Technorati’s ranking list. In Norway, the most popular blogs are written by teenaged girls, like 14-year-old “Voe“, … Continue reading

04. January 2010 by Jill

video of my wikipedia talk

My belly has grown a LOT since October. Only a month left now and my little boy will be born! While he’s been growing, videos have been processed, and video of the talk I gave at the Wikipedia Academy in … Continue reading

04. January 2010 by Jill
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