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remix culture: pulling it all together

Today’s class is the second day of students presenting their projects. Two students can’t make it; they’re home sick with h1n1 / swine flu, the poor things. Many students have worried about how to define a remix. The best article … Continue reading

29. October 2009 by Jill
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talk on research dissemination in social media

I just gave a talk for’s seminar about research dissemination/popularisation, Fra forskning til forside v3.0. Here are the slides: Forskningsformidling med sosiale medier View more documents from Jill Walker Rettberg. I had to leave right after my talk, because … Continue reading

27. October 2009 by Jill

is virus of the mind an acceptable source in an academic essay?

A couple of students are writing about how remix videos work as memes, and how they spread, and have asked whether Richard Brodie’s Virus of the Mind is an acceptable academic source to use in their essays. I haven’t read … Continue reading

23. October 2009 by Jill

william gillespie and Travis Alber: MORPHEUS 11

Nick Montfort linked to a rather wonderful new piece that poet William Gillespie (of The Unknown fame and publisher and author at Spineless Books) read from yesterday at the &Now festival: MORPHEUS 11, the story of a poet sent to … Continue reading

16. October 2009 by Jill

wikipedia academy talk

I’m giving a talk at the Wikipedia Academy in Bergen Oct 14-15, and since it’s the Wikipedia, I thought it would be better form to plot the talk out in a blog post rather than making a shiny Powerpoint. Here’s … Continue reading

14. October 2009 by Jill
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remix culture: reconnecting and planning

The semester is more than half-done and there’s only a little over a month until research papers and videos are due. So Thursday’s class will be about figuring out where we’re up to, making sure everyone has drafted their literature … Continue reading

14. October 2009 by Jill
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far too many interesting bergen events for a mum to attend them all…

There are some great events coming up in Bergen in the next couple of weeks: Oct 14-15 at Bryggens Museum: Wikipedia Academy. Jimmy Wales is speaking tomorrow morning, and many more will speak in the next couple of days (I’m … Continue reading

13. October 2009 by Jill

remix culture: viral media, mutating media?

Thursday’s class is the last in the series of guided introductions to theories that are relevant to remix culture, and deals with how user-generated media spreads. We’re reading Richard Dawkin’s chapter on memes from The Selfish Gene (1976), which introduces … Continue reading

01. October 2009 by Jill