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fun widget showing how many people are using social media in various countries

Forrester Research have just released (expensive) reports on how many people in the US and in some European and Asian countries are using social media. Forrester has their own classification of different kinds of users – “creators” actually upload their … Continue reading

31. August 2009 by Jill

remix culture: exploring our ideas

For today’s class students have made the first drafts of their video “trailers” and have an idea what they want their projects to be about. We’re going to look at the videos, and discuss ideas. We’ll also begin putting ideas … Continue reading

27. August 2009 by Jill

remix culture: second class

A Netvibes page for our Remix Culture course is in progress – obviously there aren’t many blog posts or Diigo links yet, but these things will feed in as we go. There’s a “wall” thing where you can leave comments … Continue reading

20. August 2009 by Jill
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remix culture course starting today

This semester I’m teaching a new course I’m really excited about, on Remix Culture (DIKULT204 or DIKULT303). The course is organised as a research group rather than as traditional teacher-led lectures or seminars, and the students and I will work … Continue reading

18. August 2009 by Jill

so i don’t forget what i want to blog about blogher…

I’m home again after BlogHer, but we’re moving on Monday and so the next days will be filled with boxes – I have a post I want to write about BlogHer but it will have to wait. Just so I … Continue reading

01. August 2009 by Jill