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american mothers use google rather than go to the doctor because it costs $300 to go to the emergency room – WITH insurance!

A woman in the audience at the healthcare and mommyblogging panel I somehow walked into here at BlogHer ’09 just stood up and said that she’ll use google rather than go to a doctor simply because of the cost of … Continue reading

25. July 2009 by Jill

my first day at blogher: swag, sponsors and mummyblogging

1500 bloggers is a lot of people, I realised when I walked into the huge ballroom filled with round, white-tableclothed tables fitting 10 people each. Everyone at the table immediately started introducing themselves: “Hi, I’m Amy of Up With Moms“, … Continue reading

24. July 2009 by Jill

case study: Fisk-a-teers – a community for Fiskars scissor users (aka scrapbookers)

One of the most interesting case studies here at BlogHer Business was about Fiskars’ community creation. Fiskars have been making scissors for 360 years, but didn’t have a very hip image – when they did a survey of what consumers … Continue reading

24. July 2009 by Jill

case study: design a coach tote

The current case study at BlogHer Business is about how Coach ran a campaign to have consumers design their own Coach bags. The company wanted to engage a younger market, and the campaign was successful: they had 3200 submissions and … Continue reading

23. July 2009 by Jill
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not so great aspects of blogher business

I loved the first case studies presented at BlogHer Business, and the BlogHer 2009 Women in Social Media Survey was really interesting too, but by now I’m getting a little disgruntled. Two hours and ten minutes of continuous talking from … Continue reading

23. July 2009 by Jill

BlogHer Business: Allstate case study: building the internal case for social media in a heavily regulated environmemnt

Allstate is a major insurance companies in the US and when they started working with social media they ran into a lot of resistance from the company itself, especially from the legal department. The liability issues for an insurance company … Continue reading

23. July 2009 by Jill

teaching kids about censorware and privacy

I absolutely loved Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother, a young adult novel set in a very-near-future San Francisco where high school students’ every move is tracked by censorware in their laptops and on the school network and surveillance devices in the … Continue reading

23. July 2009 by Jill

BlogHer here I come!

I’m in Chicago, ready to attend BlogHer Business this morning and BlogHer itself tomorrow and the next day. I’m excited: I’ve been curious about these conferences since I read about the first one several years ago, and I’m happy things … Continue reading

23. July 2009 by Jill
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norwegian twitter experts – eksperter som kan holde foredrag om sosiale medier

A few weeks ago I was asked to give a talk on Twitter, but the dates didn’t work out – so I compiled a list of Norwegian experts who I think would do a great job speaking about social media. … Continue reading

07. July 2009 by Jill