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talk on journalism and social media

I gave a talk today for the staff of Bergens Tidende, one of our regional newspapers, on social media and journalism. Slides and links follow – all in Norwegian. Journalistikk i og med sosiale medier View more presentations from Jill … Continue reading

20. May 2009 by Jill
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writing with a little help from your friends

I posted a draft of the paper I’m working on on Google Docs on Friday and asked for feedback and help – and already more than thirty people have looked at it and five people have left comments – and … Continue reading

11. May 2009 by Jill

twitter terrorism, copyright and the mass media’s use of tweets

Twitter has become huge in Norway, and recently newspapers like started embedding unfiltered feeds of tweets about a topic in their articles. So if you tag a tweet #aker it’ll show up in articles about Kjell-Inge R¯kke, one of … Continue reading

09. May 2009 by Jill

please: give me feedback!

An experiment: here’s the current draft of the paper I’m writing on ways in which social media visualise and narrativise their users historical data, providing us with new kinds of mirrors in which to see ourselves and decide who we … Continue reading

08. May 2009 by Jill

tweeting vs blogging – and the prompts of social network sites

Twitter is so easy that I keep feeding my quick finds into tweets (I’m @jilltxt on Twitter) instead of writing something more about them for the blog – which is fun and fast, and gets quick and interesting responses, but … Continue reading

06. May 2009 by Jill