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facebook democratisation: the balance between community and business

I thought of LambdaMOO and the Wizards’ abdication, of course, the moment I saw the new announcement at the top of my Facebook page this morning: LambdaMOO was one of the famous communities of the nineties: a text-based virtual world … Continue reading

27. February 2009 by Jill
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norway’s major print encyclopedia goes user-generated

Store norske leksikon is Norway’s major, mainstream encyclopedia. Last week they opened their attempt at conquering the digital world: an online encyclopedia where all users can contribute articles and suggest changes to articles, but where some articles are “quality assured” … Continue reading

26. February 2009 by Jill

government and official blogs in Norway

The Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry (NÊrings- og handelsdepartementet) is considering using social media and they’ve started a blog to discuss how and if they should do so. I’m not quite sure what sort of things I want the … Continue reading

26. February 2009 by Jill
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sorting through piles of applications

I’m on the research committee of our huge department, which means that right now I’m going through a thick pile of applications for PhD fellowships. Ten three-year fellowships were advertised for the whole of the Faculty of Humanities, so our … Continue reading

25. February 2009 by Jill
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breastmilk and cooling elements ARE permitted in hand luggage at norwegian airports

I’m going to Oslo again tomorrow, and bringing the breastpump like last time – but this time I’m armed with a printed email from a security inspector and senior advisor at Norway’s Civil Aviation Authority stating that bringing breastmilk and … Continue reading

23. February 2009 by Jill
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teenagers don’t think of online writing as “writing”

Pew Internet published an interesting survey last year looking at how parents and teenagers think about the writing they do in their spare time – online, on phones, and by hand – and the writing they do at school. The … Continue reading

21. February 2009 by Jill

norwegian websites against ie6

This is kind of cool – a bunch of people in charge of big web sites in Norway have put up warnings on their website to people using Internet Explorer 6.0 (which is from 2001 and horrible to code for) … Continue reading

19. February 2009 by Jill

pumping mums and airport security don’t mix

Well, the talk went well yesterday, and pumping worked out fine – the conference organiser lent me her office, which was great. Airport security was not so great. My breastpump has an insulated compartment and a cooler pack that you … Continue reading

10. February 2009 by Jill

Talk at Kari Skj¯nsbergdagene in Oslo

Jeg skal snakke i dag om blogging og om sosiale nettverk, og siden vi har ganske god tid tenkte jeg jeg skulle bruke en del tid p  vise dere hvordan det fungerer. Vi begynner med  lage en blogg … Continue reading

09. February 2009 by Jill

i wonder where i’ll pump on monday?

Oh god. I’m giving a talk in Oslo on Monday at Kari Skj¯nsberg-dagene, which I’m looking forward to – and I’ve got flights taking me straight there and back so I’ll not even be away from nine-month-old Jessica for much … Continue reading

06. February 2009 by Jill

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