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celebrating the publication of my new book, Blogging!

Last week a ring on the doorbell brought a parcel full of – six copies of Blogging! My book is out! And leafing through it I found that I still really like it – don’t you love that feeling when … Continue reading

30. June 2008 by Jill

why don’t we react against the (illegal) covert advertising in blogs?

Swedish and Norwegian press have been fascinated by a Swedish teenager who reportedly “makes millions” off her blog. is the second most popular blog in Sweden. It’s written by another seventeen year old girl. This one’s a model, and … Continue reading

27. June 2008 by Jill
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swedish teenager making millions off her blog?

A journalist from Bergens Tidende called me this morning to talk about blogs, and in particular, fashion blogs and the money they can make off advertising. It seems there’s a Swedish blogger who makes “millions” of kroner off her blog. … Continue reading

26. June 2008 by Jill

embroidered twin firebirds

I’ve been reading craft blogs recently, and got all inspired to give it a go myself. Did you know that people actually doodle with embroidery? Takes some of the fear out of it, calling it doodling. And look at Soulemama’s hoops – a … Continue reading

25. June 2008 by Jill
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norwegian creative commons

A Norwegian version of the Creative Commons licences is finally ready – taking into consideration particularly Norwegian issues such as the collective royalty schemes (Kopinor and Tono). (via Eirik Newth)

05. June 2008 by Jill
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cognitive surplus take 2

My perhaps a little too simply enthusiastic link to Clay Shirky’s recent talk garnered criticism from Mark Bernstein, who questioned the historical accuracy of Clay Shirky’s claims that the newly urban populations of the 19th century drank gin for a … Continue reading

05. June 2008 by Jill

book launch 2.0

I should be an expert at pushing our World of Warcraft anthology online, after all, I’m a totally passionate blogger, right? Or at least, I am when I’m not more focused on looking after darling little Jessica (who’s now six … Continue reading

05. June 2008 by Jill
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paper pong

Have you played pong as a choose-your-own adventure game yet? As the blurb says, “No batteries required, and safe from any aliens’ attacks via EMP, you get to “play” these classics through an amazingly primitive UI of page flipping, making … Continue reading

01. June 2008 by Jill
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