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the 2007 digital economy fact book: 200 pages of (pro-copyright, anti-government regulation) statistics for free

The 2007 Digital Economy Fact Book is a 200 page PDF of statistics and data about the internet and usage; as the Hill Library Blog writes, “a tightwad researcherís dream: In-depth, statistic-heavy, well-cited, and freely-available online. One could hardly ask … Continue reading

28. February 2008 by Jill

boys less likely to blog or create websites

The New York Times writes that girls are far more likely to be creating content for the web than boys: Indeed, a study published in December by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that among Web users ages … Continue reading

24. February 2008 by Jill

artist in residency – in Azeroth

Ars Virtua, an online-only artists’s collective with a gallery space in Second Life, recently advertised an artist in residency for World of Warcraft. They just announced that they’ve selected two artists: Tom Betts and Alison Mealey. There’ll be a “meet-and-greet” … Continue reading

20. February 2008 by Jill
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quick links: open access at harvard, what “blogging” is, Korean bloggers, saying sorry

Yesterday, Harvard University decided that all scholarly publications by employees at the university must be made available online in an open access repository. The University of Bergen, like many other universities, already has an open access repository; but Bergen, we … Continue reading

13. February 2008 by Jill

nother video

A take-off of’s heartfelt video of singers overlaying an Obama speech – this is the same but with a McCain speech. I guess they’re kind of simplifying things, but, well, works great as political entertainment. Oh dear. Politics has … Continue reading

13. February 2008 by Jill
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might you use my “blogging” book in your teaching?

I’m filling out the marketing form for my book on blogging (copy-editing done; proofs next!), and they want me to provide a list of fifteen people who might adopt the book in teaching – I’m assuming the publisher will send … Continue reading

13. February 2008 by Jill

political communication online: in norway?

I’m in Copenhagen today, at the first meeting of a Nordic network on political communication online headed by Lisbeth Klastrup. The object today is to get some overview of activity in the different Nordic countries, and I’ve been tasked with … Continue reading

12. February 2008 by Jill

31 weeks pregnant

Cons: My belly’s big enough now that I can’t bend over comfortably, or pull on my stockings, or zip up my boots. The fun second trimester’s definitely over. My normal walk to work – thirty minutes, which I usually love … Continue reading

11. February 2008 by Jill

fewer political games, more politicised videos and social networks?

Ian Bogost notes that there are fewer political games so far in this US presidential campaign than there were in 2004. Largely, he argues, and this seems fair, because “since 2004, online video and social networks have become the big … Continue reading

08. February 2008 by Jill
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quick links

Jean Burgess explains why she’s deleting her Facebook account – and how difficult it is to do. Strange video overlay of many, many attempts to complete a Super Mario Bros level. Via Kottke, who also notes several other examples of … Continue reading

06. February 2008 by Jill
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