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new hypertext thriller: shadow unit

Mark Bernstein links to Shadow Unit, a new, hypertextual (and predominately textual) online serial fiction about a group of FBI agents that attempt to deal with “anomalous crimes”. Although the video shown to Esther Falkner, one of our heroines, is … Continue reading

08. January 2008 by Jill
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hot and cold flashes

It was ten or eleven degrees centigrade below zero (14°F) a few days ago, but today it’s +16°C (61°F) and feels like spring. Apparently this will change very soon. I’d been warned about Chicago’s brutally cold winters, but hadn’t realised … Continue reading

07. January 2008 by Jill
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the facebook diaries

The true story is an apparently somewhat nasty revenge story by a woman scorned (and she happens to be a soap opera star and he happens to be a famous composer), but the semi-fictionalised blog she wrote about her revenge, … Continue reading

07. January 2008 by Jill
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facebook protects us from having our data scraped – but that also stops us from MOVING our data

Robert Scoble has about 5000 Facebook friends and was using a script to get a “map” of all his Facebook network and data so he could move it to a different platform. He writes in his blog: “I am working … Continue reading

03. January 2008 by Jill

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