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celebrations and costumes

Norwegians don’t really celebrate Halloween – well, some kids’ll dress up and try trick or treating but only about 20% of the houses they’ll visit will have realised it’s Halloween and have treats for them. I know this, because for … Continue reading

31. October 2007 by Jill

how to find out how many facebook users each country has

I’d been wondering how journalists find out how many Facebook users there are in Norway – well, turns out it’s really simple. Log in to Facebook. Wait till you see a Flyer in the left column. Click “Create” underneath it. … Continue reading

30. October 2007 by Jill

new nordic citizen journalism site:

Kristine Lowe notes the appearance of a newly launched Nordic citizen journalism site, Given the similarities of the Scandinavian languages (think the difference between a Scottish brogue, a Texan drawl and Cockney and you’ll have the idea: we can … Continue reading

30. October 2007 by Jill
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libraries say no to Google, yes to Open Archiving of digitized books

Several major libraries have started saying no to Google’s offer to digitize their books for free – so long as the digitized books are not made available to any commercial search engine but Google. Instead, these libraries are going with … Continue reading

23. October 2007 by Jill

RELEVANS conference at Geilo

I’m at Grafill’s Edit 8.0 conference, RELEVANS, which is being held at the lovely Dr. Holms hotel at Geilo this year. Geilo is halfway between Bergen and Oslo, high in the mountains, and the train trip here set the atmosphere … Continue reading

20. October 2007 by Jill

remix the weather at

I’ve been enjoyed the new weather forecasting website for Norway, Yr means light rain, but in a positive sense: it’s pleasurable, not like drizzle. Yr is also a word for being excited, maybe a little horny, but not in … Continue reading

18. October 2007 by Jill

men with feminist partners report greater sexual satisfaction

I knew it all along, of course, but thought I might as well broadcast it: They found that having a feminist partner was linked to healthier heterosexual relationships for women. Men with feminist partners also reported both more stable relationships … Continue reading

16. October 2007 by Jill

making choices

Read Dr. Crazy’s take on making sensible choices rather than letting life just “happen” to you: As I look at my students, I often think I’d have been better off to let my life “happen” to me. Why? Because you … Continue reading

16. October 2007 by Jill

i hated “exquisite pain”

Last night Scott and I saw Forced Entertainment. I did not enjoy it. I really should have read more reviews before going – this deliberately tedious piece consists simply of two actors sitting at two desks on a stage and … Continue reading

14. October 2007 by Jill

i just sent off the “Blogging” manuscript!

I just sent in the manuscript for the Blogging book I’m writing for Polity Press! Hooray! It’s not quite finished yet. Now it’s going to be read by readers, who’ll give me feedback on it within the next five or … Continue reading

10. October 2007 by Jill

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