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citizen media and the burmese protests

I have ten more days till my book on blogging for Polity Press has to be finished. Scott suggested I might be interested in the ways Burmese bloggers are spreading news of the current protests, despite the Burmese regime having … Continue reading

30. September 2007 by Jill
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Web use and the Norwegian local elections

Espen Skoland, a Norwegian who recently completed his MA on the impact of blogs on political campaigns, notes that while the political parties don’t seem to have done much with the internet in the recent campaign for the local elections, … Continue reading

12. September 2007 by Jill

can you criticise your employer in a blog?

ABC Nyheter has an article about how an employee of the Norwegian embassy in Saudi Arabia has written a couple of slightly indiscreet posts that she perhaps shouldn’t have written. Following the links I discovered I quite enjoy her blogs: … Continue reading

10. September 2007 by Jill
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catching up on kate modern

Once this book manuscript is done (deadline October 10, and it looks like I’m on track) I’m going to explore all manner of online narratives, and Kate Modern will have to be one of them. This is a spin-off from … Continue reading

09. September 2007 by Jill
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comedian dressed as bin laden gets through $250 million security at APEC summit in Sydney

I’ve been in Australia a week without blogging. It took a few days to get set up with internet access and library access and a parking permit and so on here at UWA, but I’m now happily ensconced in the … Continue reading

07. September 2007 by Jill