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the guild

Here’s a pretty amusing video that’s been going the rounds – it’s the first episode, uh, webisode, of a series about a World of Warcraft guild…

31. July 2007 by Jill
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“the whole point of the genre is the long-time accrual of meanings and experiences”

Television scholar Jason Mittel has an interesting discussion of how scholars discussing complex narratives like Lost tend to leave out any mention of soap operas, although soap operas obviously have a great many formal similarities with Lost. In his post, … Continue reading

30. July 2007 by Jill
6 comments slideshows with video is an interesting-looking site that allows you to view (and upload) videos of presentations along with the slides – and slides and videos are nicely synchronised. Might be a step up from Slideshare, which I’ve been using a bit, … Continue reading

23. July 2007 by Jill
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what, exactly, is this an ad for?

Look, a movie projected on a four-story building in New York – set up by HBO, the cable TV channel that produced The Sopranos, Deadwood, Rome, Big Love, Six Feet Under, Sex and the City and so on. The New … Continue reading

22. July 2007 by Jill
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facebook’s main growth now among high school students and 25-34 year olds

We already knew that Facebook was growing fast, but it’s interesting to see how its growth is now primarily across new demographics, that is, the non-college student agegroups, according to Inside Facebook: Visitors aged 12-17 increased 150% over the last … Continue reading

20. July 2007 by Jill
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gendered armour

In our World of Warcraft Reader (it’s in copyediting now, MIT Press says it should be published Spring 2008) Hilde Corneliussen’s chapter discusses the way gender is used in the game. Among other things, she shows how different races and … Continue reading

18. July 2007 by Jill

automatically connecting photographs to create cyberspace

This is a fascinating demo of how massive amounts of photo-data can be linked together in a system called Photosynch. (The best bits are about 3-4 minutes in and to the end.) They’ve downloaded all the photos on Flickr of … Continue reading

12. July 2007 by Jill
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if you want your video to spread, for goodness sakes let people spread it!

There are a number of politicians on YouTube. Arbeiderpartiet (Labour) probably has the most thorough approach, with a dedicated channel for their people that they started back in April, though it’s still mostly just plain talking heads in small boxes … Continue reading

11. July 2007 by Jill

sex, politics and YouTube

Today Bergens Tidende published a kronikk I wrote, Sex, politikk og YouTube, about political YouTube videos in the US campaigns – and especially about the recent ones that are styled as love letters to the candidates: Crush on Obama and … Continue reading

11. July 2007 by Jill
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if you’re already an expert, don’t blog, jakob nielsen says

Jakob Nielsen, the controversial text-centric usability expert, argues that experts shouldn’t blog in his latest UseIt column. As I read it, his argument is as follows: Even if you’re the world’s top expert, your worst posting will be below average, … Continue reading

10. July 2007 by Jill

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