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creator of Vote Different video talks about citizen-created political media

If you haven’t seen the Vote Different! viral YouTube video portraying Hillary Clinton as Big Brother out of 1984 (in a mashup of Apple’s 1984 ad) you should go see it – and then watch this video where ParkRidge47 a.k.a. … Continue reading

30. March 2007 by Jill
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privacy campaign targeting teens

Via the Norwegian YouTubeBlogg (which seems a good way to track Norway-related YouTube content) I found this video, posted by Datatilsynet as part of a campaign where they’re trying to make teens more aware of their privacy rights and of … Continue reading

29. March 2007 by Jill

electronic literature: a list of favourites

Here’s a nice list of some favourite pieces of digital literature over at PART.

29. March 2007 by Jill
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facebook in norway

A journalist from Aftenposten’s jobs and education supplement is about to call me to interview me about Facebook, so I’m checking up on some stats and such. And I had a geek at the interview about Facebook Bergen Student TV … Continue reading

28. March 2007 by Jill
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Amazing how suddenly one can just not blog for a whole week, after blogging many times a day for a while. Most of the reason I didn’t blog was that we just spent three and a half days up at … Continue reading

27. March 2007 by Jill

where I was yesterday

Yesterday I got to be one of the parents to accompany my daughter’s class on their annual skidag or ski day. It was amazing. Norway is so beautiful, and skiing is so calmly pleasant, and kids are so happy and … Continue reading

21. March 2007 by Jill

MiT5 has TEN parallel sessions!

A tentative agenda is finally up for MiT5, and it has more parallel sessions than any conference I’ve ever been to. I mean, I know that the MLA and SIGGRAPH and such have 20,000 attendees, but I’ve always avoided them. … Continue reading

21. March 2007 by Jill

statistics about web 2.0 usage patterns

This blog post includes a link to the PDF report of a UK survey on what web 2.0 software and sites people really use – from Myspace, Flickr and blogging to World of Warcraft. A lot more people blog than … Continue reading

19. March 2007 by Jill
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growth of facebook in norway

Students have been telling me that Facebook seems to have taken off in Norway over the last few weeks. Alexa shows that it’s currently the 32nd most visited site in Norway. That means students use it more than they use … Continue reading

17. March 2007 by Jill
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speakers at MiT5: the unofficial blogosphere version

Instead of waiting for the schedule to come up for the MiT5 conference (at MIT, April 27-29), I googled the blogosphere, and found the following participants: Scott Rettberg, Nick Montfort and I are doing a panel on “Appropriation and Collaboration … Continue reading

16. March 2007 by Jill

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