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blogs for students

So I want some blogs to recommend to my students but man, all the blogs I read are by 35 year old women who are often academics and who like gadgets and new media and books and who really probably … Continue reading

31. January 2007 by Jill

flickr and blogger sell our surfing habits to the man?

Hm. I had an email from Flickr today telling me I have to merge my “old skool” Flickr account with a Yahoo account. And to switch to‘s new cool system, I have to switch to logging into that using … Continue reading

31. January 2007 by Jill

Class notes: where blogs came from and what they are

Today’s class will begin with a discussion of the worksheets I made up for this week. I’m interested in what the students think of them. We’ll also be looking at their blogs and we’ll talk about the assignments. The main … Continue reading

31. January 2007 by Jill

facebook narrative

I’ve been exploring Facebook recently, after Ina invited me to join, and it really does have some intriguing aspects – it seems to merge many things from many other social sites. Of course I’m the ONLY “faculty member” on it … Continue reading

29. January 2007 by Jill

Rune Klevjer’s trial lecture to be on Super Columbine Massacre!

Rune Klevjer‘s PhD thesis has been approved, and he’ll be defending it on February 9th! The afternoon before the defence, Rune will hold his “trial lecture”, and the topic is very, well, topical: “Aesthetics and Ideology in Computer Games: An … Continue reading

25. January 2007 by Jill
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do you spend more time with your computer than with your spouse?

I found this quote in Trevor Scholz’s blog (and may I say that post is a lovely example of how you can blog a classroom discussion using links and narration – students, please try to emulate that!): A recent survey … Continue reading

25. January 2007 by Jill

worksheet for students: am i insane?

I’ve been so impressed by the utvidet arbeidsplan (“expanded work plans”) my daughter’s been bringing home from school after the latest reform of schools in Norway that I’ve tried to make one for my students. The idea is to give … Continue reading

24. January 2007 by Jill

blogging behind bars

I found an unusual blog by chance: NÂgons mamma – nÂgons dotter (that’s Swedish for “Someone’s mother – someone’s daughter”), written by a woman in jail. She writes her blog posts in letters to her daughter, who posts them to … Continue reading

24. January 2007 by Jill

class notes: Print to Web

In today’s class we’re going to look at the transition to print and we’ll discuss how technology and culture interact – and we’ll do some more blogging, too. Easy reading this week: just chapter two of Bolter’s Writing Space, which … Continue reading

24. January 2007 by Jill

should the repairers need my password?

Hm. My iMac is being fixed, and the repair person rang and asked for my password so he could fix it. Should he actually need that? Can’t they boot off a CD or something and not need access to my … Continue reading

18. January 2007 by Jill

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