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¸ber-cool see-the-site-before-you-click-the-link effect

Oooh! Look!! Mouse-over a link. Any link! This one, for instance, or this one, or maybe this one. See!??? A picture of the website linked to popped up!!! Isn’t that just super-cool! All you do to install it on your … Continue reading

30. December 2006 by Jill

presidential candidates on youtube

Presidential candidates for the 2008 US elections are popping up left right and centre, and no doubt, they’ll be heavy on the internet. John Edwards actually has a YouTube account, video log and all (presumably his aides update it for … Continue reading

29. December 2006 by Jill


This is great; Kathleen quotes a talk Anne Balsamo gave at the MLA yesterday where she argued that “academics must cease their quest to educate students-as-replicants and instead start thinking about educating students-as-mutants”. Yeah! Go mutant students! It’s a damn … Continue reading

29. December 2006 by Jill

“masculine” cultures more likely to add information to the wikipedia

Skimming through a paper on cultural differences in editing the Wikipedia, I am baffled at the following: The higher the MAS [masculinity index] of a country, the more contributions in the categories Add Information and Clarify Information are found. Although … Continue reading

28. December 2006 by Jill
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hundreds of panels in the digital humanities at the MLA

I’m not at the MLA conference right now (I’m Norwegian enough to find a conference during the romjul or quiet days between x-mas and New Year kind of barbaric) but I’m impressed to see the vast number of interesting-looking panels … Continue reading

28. December 2006 by Jill
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the horror

Iskia stepped into one of those PX-238 Winter Wondervolt things the goblins have set up by the Zeppelin, and to my horror, she came out like this! When she walks, her tits wobble, and when she stands still, she waits … Continue reading

21. December 2006 by Jill

position in media arts

Donna Leishman, who does really intersting interactive graphic narratives like The Possession of Christian Shaw, sends word of a job opening at her department in media arts and imaging, which currently spans practices as diverse as: performance art, film, web, … Continue reading

20. December 2006 by Jill
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mobile phones should last for five years

Yesterday my two year old mobile phone suddenly decided not to make noises anymore. And no, it wasn’t on silent – it simply no longer rings out loud, no matter how I set the volume or ring tones or profiles … Continue reading

20. December 2006 by Jill

payperpost requires disclosure

Looks like PayPerPost has succumbed to the outcry about paid, advertising blog posts where bloggers don’t specify that they’re being paid to write about a product – their new Terms of Service require participating bloggers to disclose the fact that … Continue reading

19. December 2006 by Jill
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Web 3 conference in Paris

Oh, I would have loved to be here! But then again, I love being here, at home, Christmas decorations up and just thinking about whether I’ll go out and get the last gifts this evening. I’m actually happy that it’s … Continue reading

10. December 2006 by Jill

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