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Oh no. I was feeling unconvinced about my book chapter (where I was trying to compare World of Warcraft to Web 2.0, oh dear, oh dear) and then a few paragraphs sort of came out that I found a lot … Continue reading

29. October 2006 by Jill
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trashing as rhetorical strategy

I was looking for something else, of course, but stumbled upon an article by Mieke Bal about the common academic rhetorical strategy of trashing an argument or a whole school of thought (sorry, Jstor subscription required): Trashing is a dismissal … Continue reading

29. October 2006 by Jill
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scary fingers for halloween

Ooooh! Look at these biscuits!!! I’m definitely having a go at them for Halloween! Found at Diane‘s, originally from eGullet forums. Diane’s pasted the recipe so it looks easier to follow.

28. October 2006 by Jill

familiar thought…

“Because you know, if I got up an hour earlier in the morning, Iíd totally have that book written by now.” —New Kid on the Hallway. Ah well. I’m off to buy pumpkins and then I’ll totally write that book. … Continue reading

27. October 2006 by Jill
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slideshare: a youtube for powerpoints

I found something new: a YouTube for powerpoints. Look, I can embed the slides from a talk I gave, oh years ago, into this blog post, and you can page through it really quickly without downloading anything. Oh and yes, … Continue reading

26. October 2006 by Jill

the truants featured on schrˆdingers katt

There’s a wonderful little segment about our World of Warcraft researcher’s guild (a European research network that happens to meet in the world we study) on tonight’s pop science show Schrˆdingers katt – the segment’s already online at NRK’s site. … Continue reading

25. October 2006 by Jill
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away from the cult of the individual genius

Scribbling woman put the Eliot quote I found last week into context – to wit, she’s actually read the whole essay, and knows her stuff. Reading her comments, I find myself wondering (again? like others? un-originally) whether we’re moving back … Continue reading

25. October 2006 by Jill

people scared by electronic art; art historians run tours to calm fears

A while ago I wrote a catalogue piece about electronic art in public spaces, and one of the pieces presented was Nathalie Barret’s Ad sonore, an interactive sound installation in the new university building for “bio-basale fag” here in Bergen. … Continue reading

24. October 2006 by Jill
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they banned VEGEMITE???

I was shocked to wake up this morning to news that Vegemite has been banned by the United States! Apparently, they can’t accept the folate in the good stuff, because folate is only permitted in cereals and breads. Actually, that … Continue reading

23. October 2006 by Jill

conference in bergen 24-26 may, 2007

Tenth Nordic Conference for English Studies University of Bergen, Norway Thursday May 24 to Saturday May 26, 2007 I just received this call for papers for a conference here in Bergen that may interest some of you – we were … Continue reading

18. October 2006 by Jill
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