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george bush puppet

Scott showed me George Bush “singing” U2’s anti-war song “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” – go have a look, it’s brilliant. Now I want a database of tiny videoclips of Bush, cut into word-by-word sections and catalogued so that I can type … Continue reading

29. September 2006 by Jill

unethical journalism?

Back in August, Torill was having trouble with her voicebox and wrote a post about her worries that she might lose her voice, finishing with this paragraph: Yes, I am scared today. Scared enough that I am deeply unhappy about … Continue reading

29. September 2006 by Jill
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flow of writing

I’ve found the flow of writing! Not perfectly, but I know what I’m doing and where I’m going, and today when I switched from the chapter on the prehistory of blogs to sketching my article for the WoW anthology I … Continue reading

28. September 2006 by Jill

“death of the author” first published in a BOX

I can barely believe, that in all those years of studying literature and literary theory, no professor and none of those anthologies of literary theory mentioned the rather startling fact that Barthes’ “Death of the Author”, which was obligatory on … Continue reading

26. September 2006 by Jill

living a life where every thing you do is up for interpretation

Torill usefully connects my dislike of MyBlogLog’s use of my personal information on third party websites to the recent uproar over Facebooks unilateral change of their displays of personal information, or fittingly, information about connections between people. Dennis Jerz quotes … Continue reading

25. September 2006 by Jill
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we antispammed blogspot and typepad!!!

So you know how some of you have had trouble with getting 500 Internal Server errors when you post comments? I’ve had the same trouble sometimes when posting – and when I’ve done so the problem has always been solved … Continue reading

25. September 2006 by Jill

flickr pics as business cards

I just ordered a pack of free Flickr business cards – business cards, obviously, need some updating, and these guys reckon one way is for them to have individualised photos on the front, and the Flickr logo and up to … Continue reading

25. September 2006 by Jill
6 comments tracks your surfing and tells other readers you were there

Have you seen It’s a site that provides stats about your blog and that also has a social network thing set up. I can upload my photo and specify that I read Boing Boing or Water Cooler Games and … Continue reading

23. September 2006 by Jill

masters defence today

One of my advisees is defending his MA thesis today. I hadn’t realised, before becoming an advisor myself, that advisors get a bit nervous about this too. At our university the advisor is always in the three person committee that … Continue reading

22. September 2006 by Jill
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the first blog was published in ancient rome…

The earliest known journalistic product was a newssheet circulated in ancient Rome called the Acta Diurna. Published daily from 59 BC, it was hung in prominent places and recorded important social and political events. In China during the T’ang dynasty … Continue reading

20. September 2006 by Jill

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