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CFP for PerthDAC is out

The next iteration of the Digital Arts and Culture conference series is in Perth!! My family’s from Perth – it’s got to be one of the most beautiful and friendly cities on Earth, and of course I can say that … Continue reading

30. May 2006 by Jill
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top hit

Oy. Now *I’m* top hit on google for “macbook noise”. See, I blogged having googled that when I first got my (somewhat noisy) macbook and finding a blogpost about how many people had got to that blog through searching for … Continue reading

26. May 2006 by Jill

wikipedia talk in bergen

Hey, Jimmy Wales, founder of the Wikipedia, is in Bergen Monday May 29th. He’s giving a talk at the University of Bergen (Auditorium 1, Realfagbygget) at 18:00-20:00. There’s a wikimeetup afterwards, too.

22. May 2006 by Jill

gender, images and global contexts

My colleague Hilde Corneliussen is involved in organising the Gender, Images and Global Contexts conference to be held in Helsinki next March – the CFP’s out, so now’s the time to start working if you’d like to present something there!

18. May 2006 by Jill
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worksheet for Skartveit’s “Take the f train”

Puzzling over how to explain students who’ve never tried it how to write a textual analysis I remembered how they loved the quizzes we did earlier this semester. So here’s a worksheet (rtf) I made for Hanne-Lovise Skartveit’s Take the … Continue reading

16. May 2006 by Jill

why i can’t buy a norwegian skypein phone number

The only reason I have a landline phone connection is so that my daughter’s friends can ring her easily and cheaply. Mobile and skype would be more than enough for me, but while MSN chat’s certainly gaining ground in the … Continue reading

16. May 2006 by Jill

ume in august

I’m going to Ume in Northern Sweden for a couple of days in August to do one of the keynotes at a workshop for PhD students organised by HUMlab. The topic is Interaction In Digital Environments. I visited HUMlab a … Continue reading

15. May 2006 by Jill
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what we blog, email and search for

Jason Kottke notes the difference between the New York Times most blogged and most emailed articles – the most blogged is far more political than the most emailed. Interesting, the top searches readers have done at the New York times … Continue reading

14. May 2006 by Jill

the myth that women don’t play games

What do you think game designers can be thinking? Let’s design our games assuming no women will play. Let’s market games by using booth babes at conventions or employing girl gamers as “totty with trigger” (you’d think it was a … Continue reading

11. May 2006 by Jill

distance in azeroth

Filched from Esther because that’s how I think of those distances too – and because I can’t actually go visit these places tonight but have to read about reorganisation and read student work and comment both and have ideas instead. … Continue reading

10. May 2006 by Jill

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