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assignments to help students learn how to blog

In my talk on Network Literacy last week, I said that many students won’t know what to write in that empty white box they see when they log on to or whatever system they’re supposed to be blogging on. … Continue reading

28. April 2006 by Jill

blogs i’d like that i don’t already know about

Remember how Blogdex used to tell you which blogs you might like that you didn’t already link to, based on the blogs that you did link to? Well, Blogdex seems to have last been updated in 2004, and Technorati‘s completely … Continue reading

28. April 2006 by Jill

macbook noise

I got a new MacBook! Hooray!! But it makes this noise. Sort of a high-pitched hissy whiny noise. Not very loud, but loud enough that it’s annoying in a quiet room. So I google “macbook noise” and find a blog … Continue reading

27. April 2006 by Jill


But the larger point here is that education is coercion, that most students would rather be working and getting paid for it, or be with their families, or getting high, or eating pizza, or doing laundry, or fucking, or fishing, … Continue reading

27. April 2006 by Jill

blogs as safe spaces

Back when blogs were new Tom Matrullo called blogs loci amoeni: safe, idyllic, enclosed gardens where heros of literature would recover and wax lyrical. Today a post at New Game Plus reminded me of this: I didnít realize until reading … Continue reading

25. April 2006 by Jill

loves and hates

A couple of years ago, the Iberian slugs appeared, crawling slimily into our gardens. Murder slugs, brown slugs, Iberian slugs; they have many names. Nothing will stop them. In Iberia they might have had a place in the ecosystem, but … Continue reading

23. April 2006 by Jill


Oh dear. I think I just deleted some genuine comments by mistake when I was doing my daily de-spamming. Sorry… I really must get a better spam filter installed. The default in WordPress isn’t good enough – it needs me … Continue reading

21. April 2006 by Jill

Network Literacy: Learning with Blogging and Web 2.0

My keynote in Hawaii this evening (I can’t help say that, I mean, really it’s online, but the server’s in Hawaii and I’d love to be there too…) is about learning, blogging and web 2.0. I’m going to start by … Continue reading

20. April 2006 by Jill

names in world of warcraft

One of my guildmates, Charlotte Hagström, is researching naming in World of Warcraft. If you play World of Warcraft, it’d be great if you’d help her out – this is from her website: Names in World of Warcraft: Informants needed! … Continue reading

19. April 2006 by Jill
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what is an institutional repository anyway?

Since I’m planning to talk about all the contextual aspects of informal, might I say feral publication online as compared to the database entries I make into BORA, I’m glad that Theo Andrew, co-author of a recent book title Institutional … Continue reading

19. April 2006 by Jill

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