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integrating chat clients

OK, so everyone in Norway who doesn’t own a Mac uses MSN Messenger, not AIM or iChat. I clearly need both. And Skype. All running at once – or, if I can follow this rather complicated-looking explanation of how to … Continue reading

20. March 2006 by Jill

off to Steamwheedle Faire

I spent the afternoon at the Steamwheedle Faire, a big role-playing event on our World of Warcraft server that I’d really been looking forward too. I’d got a dress for my troll warrior, to make her look festive rather than … Continue reading

19. March 2006 by Jill

genuine student blogging as an strategy to attract new students

Kristin was one of those students who in her second week of the web design by blogging class I taught last spring said “I want my own domain, and which blog software is the best and I don’t care if … Continue reading

17. March 2006 by Jill

talks this week on electronic literature

Yesterday Scott Rettberg spoke to our webdesign and web aesthetics students yesterday about electronic literature. Here’s a photo and links to the works he discussed. I was particularly happy about how wonderfully the students participated in the discussion, even in … Continue reading

15. March 2006 by Jill

second person (and my first ever publication on WoW)

The table of contents for the Second Person anthology is out – I have a short piece on quests and narratives in World of Warcraft. There are lots of other interesting looking chapters too, I’m looking forward to getting my … Continue reading

15. March 2006 by Jill
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censorship of research

Recently, two articles by teams from the University of Bergen were accepted by prominent US journals and then turned down because, the publishers said, “we cannot publish your paper because the United States government restricts publishers from publishing papers that … Continue reading

09. March 2006 by Jill

happy women’s day!

Not only Lauritz Meltzer’s birthday, it’s also womens’ day! The UN Secretary-General notes women are better represented in governments than ever before: “There are now 11 women Heads of State or Government, in countries on every continent. And three countries … Continue reading

08. March 2006 by Jill

preparing for dinner

Tonight is the night of the Meltzer Dinner, where the prize will be officially announced. It’s Lauritz Meltzer‘s birthday today, you see, and he not only left his considerable fortune to the Meltzer Foundation, which is able to give out … Continue reading

08. March 2006 by Jill
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responses to not doing student blogging

I love to read and struggle to read Zero Seconde, which is a blog about blogging and research and things that really interest me and that’s written in beautiful French. I can read French, but slowly and with an understanding … Continue reading

08. March 2006 by Jill


This evening I really want to go to Fitteprat (that means cunt talk, it’s a feminist literature reading and discussion) – my girlfriend Gro is speaking, so is my MA thesis advisor (one of them) and there are lots of … Continue reading

07. March 2006 by Jill

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