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I am now incapable of writing “wow” without capitalising the final W. WoW. World of Warcraft. Oh dear. Constant editings of conversationally written wows in emails and flickr comments…

27. February 2006 by Jill

not doing student blogging

I suspect that the blogging I used to have the students doing in previous iterations of this course probably saved a lot of student email. Students read each others blogs, asked questions and answered questions in them, and when they … Continue reading

24. February 2006 by Jill

student emails

It’s great that students can so easily email their lecturers, isn’t it? Except when, completely hypothetically of course, you have 70 students in a class, 20 of whom don’t feel the need to turn up to lectures (most lectures aren’t … Continue reading

21. February 2006 by Jill

have you heard of address normalisation?

I’ve never met the head of the mathematics department here at the University of Bergen, but I already like him because he has a “head of department blog” that is exactly the kind of thing I think a head of … Continue reading

20. February 2006 by Jill

self-presentation as academic discipline

Profgrrrrl has a very specific and useful post about how to answer that question, you know, the “how’s your work going” question. I’ve come to the same conclusions as she has, but not without previously falling into most of the … Continue reading

20. February 2006 by Jill

spikes in posting

Look at these spikes in blog posts registered by Technorati compared to major (US) political events: At the Norwegian blog contest I juried last year less than 10% of the submissions were “political blogs”. I wonder whether there’s any other … Continue reading

17. February 2006 by Jill

stark difference

So here’s a google search to show students: try searching the Chinese version and the US version of Google for “Tiananmen”. As in Tiananmen Square. Remember? If you’re in China, the government would rather you didn’t. (via Stayfree, Pen to … Continue reading

10. February 2006 by Jill


Finally! I’ve been dreaming of this since I was a child! Go on, the story‘s even better than the result! (Unfortunately, via Satirewire)

10. February 2006 by Jill


Martin Gr¸ner Larsen is a Dane who’s lived in Bergen for 17 years, and who’s currently working on an MA thesis in comparative literature about blogs as a form of essayistic literature. At least he was last time I spoke … Continue reading

08. February 2006 by Jill

watching my ipod travel

I lost my iPod somewhere, somehow. I was thinking I’d INSERT it with a shuffle (so much more fiscally sound at a third the price), but luckily Thomas showed me his video iPod. I love it! There is no way … Continue reading

08. February 2006 by Jill

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