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Ah. The Mac Observer actually moved on from the “Macs don’t get infected by computer viruses” and tried to figure out how many viruses actually exist for Macs. Out of 71000 known viruses, there are 553 Microsoft Word Macro viruses … Continue reading

30. January 2004 by Jill


The main thing about that’s different from other social networking services is the network view it gives you of people’s friends. They’re arranged according to how many other Orkut users count them as their friends. If a user has … Continue reading

29. January 2004 by Jill


Uh oh. Only a few days left till the deadline for submitting a 500-1000 word abstract to Internet Research 5.0, the annual Association of Internet Researchers’ conference. Place: Sussex. Theme: Ubiquity. Dates: September 19-22, 2004.

29. January 2004 by Jill
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MUTE is filesharing inspired by ant colonies that keeps each individual anonymous. Like an ant.

29. January 2004 by Jill
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soul sold?

The students had written about and, and today we added screenshots. The first group happily cut, paste, saved and uploaded screenshots of webpages almost identical to the ones we saw two days ago, Apple showing iPods instead of … Continue reading

28. January 2004 by Jill


This morning my boots slipped on black ice covering the gray stone steps outside my front door. By afternoon a soft layer of snow covered everything, silencing stress, beckoning children to make angels in the snow. By evening, a student … Continue reading

27. January 2004 by Jill

blogging the norm

There’s work at our department on a project on norms and standardisations, and four of us are doing ten minute intros on how our fields relate to this in the department seminar tomorrow. Of course my requested ten minutes will … Continue reading

27. January 2004 by Jill


A long morning of wild yet possible and incredibly inspiring ideas sent those grumps away! Brilliant!

27. January 2004 by Jill
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needing orange

I woke up grumpy. I cheered a little at my joyful child jumping on me but the relentless before-school routine of shower, coffee, breakfast, lunch packs, nagging, get dressed, come and eat, brush your teeth, hair, put on shoes gnawed … Continue reading

27. January 2004 by Jill
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walkthrough life

Don’t worry, even IKEA has a walkthrough. (Via GTxA, and noted by many at Delicious)

26. January 2004 by Jill
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