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Vi trenger humanister for å forstå vårt digitale samfunn

[This is a five minute talk I am giving today at a conference gathering opinions and knowledge for the upcoming Norwegian parliamentary report on the humanities.] Innlegg på innspillskonferansen til Stortingsmeldingen om humaniora, 15. januar 2016. Konferansen streames og arkiveres. Vi trenger humanister som … Continue reading

15. January 2016 by Jill
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How I Published My Scholarly Book With an Open Access CC-BY License

[Open Access Week in 2014  is October 20-26.] Have you noticed that scholarly books are getting more and more expensive? It’s not just the journals that are exorbitantly priced. Yesterday I didn’t buy a really interesting anthology in my field … Continue reading

19. October 2014 by Jill
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Are tenure track positions (innstegsstillinger) really the solution?

I missed this when it was published a few days ago, but Curt Rice’s skepticism about Norway’s newly proposed tenure track positions in academia is worth reading. I’ve heard and read enough bad stories about being on the tenure track (the … Continue reading

23. March 2013 by Jill
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Norway’s academic hiring processes are already remarkably open

A few years ago, Kate and Gregor Maxwell, a British academic couple now working at Norwegian universities, started applying for academic jobs in Scandinavia. The openness of the system surprised them, as Kate blogged earlier this week: It was a … Continue reading

21. February 2013 by Jill
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my grandfather’s advice

I wrote this post two years ago, on April 17, 2005, when I was still a very new head of department and we were worried our department would be closed down. I never posted it because everything felt too raw … Continue reading

19. April 2007 by Jill
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being junior

I’m only just starting to wet my toes in the complicated seas of university politics, but shudder at Lisbeth exhausted post and Torill’s only slightly cheering followup about struggling as a new academic trying to make a difference. Torill mentions … Continue reading

03. October 2003 by Jill
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