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Norsk blogghistorie

[This Norwegian post is about early blogging history in Norway. English posting will resume shortly!] Kristian Bjørkelo redigerer en antologi med arbeidstittelen Bloggnoreg, som kommer ut på Humanist forlag om noen måneder, og jeg har fått i oppdrag å skrive … Continue reading

02. January 2013 by Jill
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Taina Bucher on social media and “programmed friendships”

Poking around the internet, as one does, I came across Taina Bucher’s MA level class MEVIT4610 Social Media at the University of Oslo. Taina got in touch with me several months ago asking about things like how to integrate blogging … Continue reading

09. October 2012 by Jill
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Blogs use the word “love” more than any other

I’m not sure if the title is completely true, but I do love this map Media Cloud made of the 1000 top US blogs (according to Technorati in early 2011) showing that “the biggest single cluster with 137 blogs is … Continue reading

18. September 2012 by Jill
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How many people blog?

David Brake added some great links to my Quora question the other day about how great a proportion of the population actually write or read blogs. There are interesting Chinese statistics, but I’m not sure what they mean by “blogs and … Continue reading

06. August 2012 by Jill
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People are searching for “Tumblr” more than for “blog”

I guess Quora is another site that could eat up writing that previously would have gone on my blog. But writing prompts can be useful sometimes. When I saw this question, of course I answered: What are the consequences of Tumblr … Continue reading

02. August 2012 by Jill
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Which surveys answer how large a proportion of the whole population blogs?

Maybe I’m starting to get the point of Quora. I’ve been a member there for ages, of course, but I just followed a few topics and people and forgot about it. It looks as though most of my friends who … Continue reading

01. August 2012 by Jill
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Sex, ekstremisme og mediesirkus

“[This is about a local extremist anti-feminist blogger who was recently jailed for threatening to murder police officers.  I’ve been invited to participate in a radio debate on the media coverage this afternoon, so in the following I try to … Continue reading

31. July 2012 by Jill
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Revising “Blogging”: blogs and journalism

I’ve been ploughing through my book, Blogging, figuring out what needs revising for the second edition. Lots is still good, but some is outdated – like the lengthy explanations of what Facebook is. Not necessary in 2012… So far the … Continue reading

27. June 2012 by Jill
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Do people still see blogs as networks?

I’m working on a revision of my book Blogging, and it’s really interesting revisiting this book that I wrote five years ago. One thing is that social media wasn’t a familiar term back then, and that Path, Pinterest and and … Continue reading

23. June 2012 by Jill
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Now that most phone calls at the office are official, not private, I’ve been practising answering my office phone with a serious, deep-voiced “Jill Walker” rather than my habitual, informal “Hei det er Jill!” I forgot last Wednesday though. The … Continue reading

06. March 2006 by Jill
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