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Visa approved

I’m going to be spending next semester as a visiting scholar at MIT’s Department of Comparative Media Studies, and there are a lot of practical things to organize. We have rented a flat there, but still need to rent out … Continue reading

08. June 2017 by Jill
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I won the John Lovas Memorial Award for my Snapchat Research Stories!

I am so excited: I won the John Lovas Memorial award last night at the Computers and Writing Conference for my Snapchat Research Stories! The award is given by Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, the leading digitally-native journal for … Continue reading

03. June 2017 by Jill
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Finding my old notebook from 1997

I found an old notebook when I was tidying my desk today. Its from 1997 and 1998, when I was working on my MA in comparative literature and writing about creative, non-fiction hypertext. I read all the 1990s hypertext theory … Continue reading

31. May 2017 by Jill
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Three book chapters

I’ve finished up revisions on a few book chapters in the last few months. Here are the preprints: Rettberg, Jill Walker. “Online Diaries and Blogs.” In The Diary, edited by Batsheva Ben-Amos and Dan Ben-Amos. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, forthcoming. … Continue reading

26. September 2016 by Jill
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What kinds of narrative are Snapchat stories?

I’ve been watching lots of Snapchat stories and thinking about the narrative techniques they use – I think I need to write a paper about that. So today’s Snapchat Research Story is about Snapchat and narrative. This story is over … Continue reading

08. April 2016 by Jill
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Rereading Fahrenheit 451

Over the last year or so I’ve moved from reading mainstream news articles about media addiction to reading science fiction: I want to see how we imagine our relationship to technology. One of the biggest surprises, for me, was Ray Bradbury’s … Continue reading

31. August 2015 by Jill
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Tre typer oppringinger fra journalister som forskere ikke bør svare på

Er det bra forskningsformidling å svare på telefoner fra journalister? Ja, ofte er det det. Jeg lærer mye av journalister som ringer for å spørre meg om et eller annet som nettopp har skjedd i sosiale medier. De forklarer meg hva som har skjedd … Continue reading

31. May 2015 by Jill
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Teaching BASIC in the 21st century

If you bought a home computer in the 1980s, chances are you learnt a little bit of BASIC programming. The command line interface meant that the difference between starting to play a game and writing a short program was not … Continue reading

23. April 2015 by Jill
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Come and join our online selfie course

Over the last few months I’ve been collaborating with a bunch of wonderful scholars in the Selfie Research Network and one of the first outcomes of our work is an online course on selfies. We’re already in week three, which … Continue reading

25. September 2014 by Jill
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The shift in genres of electronic literature 2002-2013

These two visualisations show the shift in the kinds of works discussed in dissertations on electronic literature. There’s been a clear movement towards digital poetry and also towards more specialized dissertations that discuss a single subgenre. The analysis will be … Continue reading

24. April 2014 by Jill
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