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Forskning på nedkjølingseffekten og personvern (Lit. review of research on the chilling effect and privacy)

I’m a member of Personvernskommisjonen, a committee appointed by the Norwegian government to write a report that assesses the state of current privacy regulations and practices and gives recommendations on policies to meet current challenges to privacy (here is our … Continue reading

18. January 2021 by Jill
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VR Narratives: A Workshop in VR, about VR

Now that I have a VR headset at home I’m both enjoying VR experiences and I’m exploring social interaction in VR spaces. I’ll write more about the pros and cons of VR meetings vs Zoom later, but right now I … Continue reading

26. July 2020 by Jill
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Can an algorithm feel emotion?

I gave a talk at the Moral Machines symposium in Helsinki last year, and just heard that a revised version of the talk will be published in an anthology tentatively titled The Ethos of Digital Environments: Technology, Literary Theory and … Continue reading

25. June 2020 by Jill
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Situated Data Analysis

My latest paper, “Situated data analysis: a new method for analysing encoded power relationships in social media“, started out as an analysis of the data visualisations in Strava, but ended up as something more ambitious: a method that I think … Continue reading

22. June 2020 by Jill
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Ancient visual technologies

Look, this is the oldest known mirror, reflecting the face of a woman holding it. It is 8000 years old and made from polished obsidian. I’m working on a book on machine vision, and I want to edit it all … Continue reading

16. June 2020 by Jill
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Being seen by cinema itself

For my book on machine vision I’m writing a little about Vertov’s wonderful 1924 manifesto written half in the voice of the camera – “I am kino-eye … I, a machine, show you the world as only I can see … Continue reading

29. May 2020 by Jill
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How to build a nurturing, collaborative research environment

I have a fabulous research environment right now, and while obviously some of that is due to having had funding to employ brilliant researchers (thank you ERC) we’ve been doing a lot of other things that are working out really … Continue reading

03. December 2019 by Jill
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Thinking about larps for research dissemination about technology and society

I spent some of last week at a wonderful larp (live action roleplaying) camp for kids run by Tidsreiser, and had a wonderful time. I have secretly wanted to try larping since I was a teenager, but there weren’t any … Continue reading

02. July 2019 by Jill
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Lesson plan: DIKULT103 29.01.2019 – Video Game Aesthetics and Orientalism in Games

Readings: Understanding Video Games Chapter 5, Woke Gaming Chapter 6 (Kristin Bezio: The Perpetual Crusade: Rise of the Tomb Raider, Religious Extremism, and the Problem of Empire. (p 119-138)) Learning goals: After doing the reading, taking the quiz and attending the class, students can Explain … Continue reading

18. February 2019 by Jill
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I’m a visiting scholar at MIT this semester

I’m on sabbatical from teaching at the University of Bergen this semester, and am spending the autumn here at MIT. Hooray! It’s a dream opportunity to get to hang out with so many fascinating scholars. I’m at Comparative Media Studies/Writing, … Continue reading

02. September 2017 by Jill
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