Month: August 2008

tiger oboes

Did you ever think of playing oboe when you were a child? Probably not; in fact, it’s pretty much impossible for a child to play a standard oboe, with its complicated mechanics and steep lung requirements. My sister is an oboist in […]

data-driven parenting: tracking baby’s sleep online

Every book I’ve read about baby sleep – apart from Gina Ford who already has the perfect schedule worked out for you – recommends keeping track of when your baby sleeps for a few days or a week so you can see […]

where to find new web serials

Virginia Heffernan wrote about (video-based) web serials for the New York Times recently; she follows up on her blog with a list of recommended serials to try. She’s not been impressed by web serials after lonelygirl15, but continues to be eager to […]

reading blogs is easier than writing a blog post while nursing…

I’m officially on maternity leave again and doing even less blogging – but I’ve been reading blogs more than I was. I’ve found that my iPod touch is a fabulous blog-reading tool for motherhood: it’s small and light enough to be easy […]


Alex Halavais just blogged the unsyllabus for a class he’s teaching this semester on communication, media and society. I take it the idea of an unsyllabus is taken from the unconference concept, where participants brainstorm topics and organise discussions instead of listening […]

festival dei blog

I would love to go to the Academic Barcamp that’s being held in Urbino in Italy the week before