Month: December 2007

January in Chicago

I finished the manuscript! Hooray! Now just a few loose ends to tie up and we’re off for Christmas! Scott and I are spending all of January 2008 in Chicago, as visiting researchers to the English Department of the University of Illinois […]

the cover for my book on blogging is ready!

I’ve got two more days to finish up the final version of the manuscript for my book Blogging, and it’s going pretty well. And look, the cover is ready! The book is part of a series called Digital Media and Society (the […]

Ooh, we went to the official university photographer

MIT Press requested a photo of Hilde and me to use in promoting our World of Warcraft anthology (which you can already preorder on Amazon!). Makes sense. Sure. But both Hilde and I enjoy having our photos taken about as much as […]

Christmas present idea: gift certificates

Here’s a good Christmas gift idea: A gift certificate to Kiva, a website that coordinates microloans to individuals running small businesses in the developing world. I’ve given goats as gifts to family members before, but this seems more satisfying: the recipient gets […]

final tweaking of the blogging book

I got the final reader reports for my Blogging book back last week, and have till next Wednesday to completely finish up the manuscript. With the manuscript completed by Christmas, my lovely editor Andrea Drugan figures we can get all the bits […]

Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph: Flight Paths

Flight Paths is a new network novel being written by Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph. Its first iteration is being developed on their blog, where they’ll also be discussing research aspects of the project and including reader-generated content. Here’s an excerpt from […]

digital multiculturalism

Henry Jenkins has a very useful blog post exploring the origins of the term “digital natives” and showing how its a term that’s increasingly problematic today. This ties in beautifully with the talk I gave in Oslo a couple of weeks ago, […]

machinima rundown

Bergens Tidende has a good article about Linn’s machinima evening last Thursday, and Linn herself has blogged very useful rundowns of the program (part 1 and 2) and even two pieces that there wasn’t time for. The evening (and these blog posts) […]