Month: November 2005

off to digital arts and culture

I’m off to Digital Arts and Culture 2005 today! I’m presenting my paper about our fascination with representing ourselves online, both in photographic self-portraits and, say, in blogs. We’ve been asked not to publish our papers online until after the conference, so […]

how to reject unfamiliar literature has published an interesting discussion by Anna Hallberg (in Danish) of the visual poem Al-Jazeera by Lars Mikael Raattamaa (a facsimile of the first page is to the left; bigger images are in Hallberg’s article). Hallberg’s greater aim is to find […]

gender differences

You know all those studies showing that men are better than woman at spatial tasks like rotation of objects and thinking out how objects could fit together? Well, a recent study shows no difference in this respect between boys and girls in […]

how to find diversity

Here’s a great post describing the kind of work you need to do to find conference speakers who aren’t just like you. Say, women, if you’re a man, or conservatives, if you’re left wing yourself. Academic conferences are maybe a little different, […]


The nominations for Gullbloggen are out, and now the final decisions are up to you. One IP, one vote. Politics: VamPus Verden Dagens Onde Kvinner Bj¯rn StÊrk blog Technology: Jo Christian Oterhals’ s¯keblogg eirikso Tversover Under 20: BÊrturen Grumsy One:42 Morgenutgaven Open […]

PhD fellowships in Oslo

Two PhD fellowships (stipendiatstillinger) in participatory media have just been advertised at the University of Oslo. One’s in MMOGs (or more specifically multi-user games with a strong degree of visual realism), the other is about new political arenas such as blogs. Here’s […]


That was fun! I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoy showing people the basics of blogging 🙂

Hvordan blogge, hvorfor blogge?

Today I’ve been invited to talk with high school teachers about blogs at a seminar held by Aschehoug. These are links and notes.