Month: May 2004

two cultures

Demos Greenhouse has a post today that nicely encapsulates the power of blogs and networking online – and the disadvantages of it, seen from the point of view of a thinktank of political activists and researchers (“people changing politics”)who have only recently […]

switching – pros and cons

WordPress was far easier to install than Movable Type was, and it has built in spam blacklists and easier-looking comment management, and a nice interface, but I don’t know php so editing the templates I find that I’m spending a lot of […]

this template

This layout is called Rubric, is designed by Hadley Wickham, and won second place in a styling competition for WordPress. I’ll come up with something of my own in a while, but not just now. [Update: design is changing…]

In transit

WordPress is far easier to install than Movable Type was. Might take a while before things are in order here, though.

blog papers

Cameron Marlow on weblogs and authority Charles Lowe and Terra Williams on weblogs in the writing classroom


Steve Kurtz’s bioartsupplies have been confiscated by the FBI.


I went to see Alladeen with Hanne-Lovise this evening. Five actors, many projectors, several technicians: it was theatre and video and animations all on top of each other, extravagant and often quite effective. The website is a separate project and perhaps even […]