Monday: June 16, 2003

students teaching with blogs

One thing I've really liked in the student weblogs I've been grading is that there are a lot of posts that are really useful. It's so different from exams where only the examiners are ever going to see all the work students have done. For instance, a colour blind student teaches other students and readers how to design sites that can be read by colour blind people (you'll have more colour blind readers than readers using Opera or Netscape or needing websafe colours or any of those other things we fret about), another student explains how to make skins for your blog, one explains how to use php to join up separate html files. There are lots of comments from other students on the blogs, and questions are asked and answered and there are links to and fro and they've just done a really impressive job.

Here are some things I did right, I reckon, in the blogging section of the course:

Of course there are things I could have done better, too:

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On June 16, 2003 10:34 PM JonathanSmith wrote:

So, should there be blogs of student evaluations of faculty?

On June 17, 2003 10:07 AM Jill wrote:

I hate those public lists of the worst lecturers that students sometimes publish - much better, I think, if there are lots of opportunities in class for students and teachers to give each other feedback on how the relationship between them is working. I can't remember any of my students posting evaluations of my teaching, exactly, on their blogs, but I could often tell when something had worked well by the number of posts related to that class - that shows that whatever we did inspired the students to think more about it themselves. Noone posted negative comments (except about blogging in general) but then they wouldn't give they're being graded on it.

I wouldn't mind reading students more explicit reactions to my teaching in their blogs, anyway. Well, not unless they ONLY wrote bad things :)

On June 18, 2003 05:44 AM pericat wrote:

(I keep reading "blogging" as "hugging". Hm.)

The colour-blind site is gorgeous.

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