Information about the Snapchat Narratives Research Project

Thank you for your interest in our research project on narrative techniques in Snapchat Stories.

If you have created a Snapchat Story about your participation in the Women’s March on Washington, or in another march in solidarity with this march, we are asking if you could save your story to Memories, download it to your phone or computer, and send it to Jill Walker Rettberg using Facebook Messenger. Send it as a secret message (so it’s encrypted) and set it to delete after three days if you want to keep your information secure. (That option is in the top right corner when you start a new message.) Then I’ll have time to download the videos to a secure research server at the University of Bergen.

We want to collect peoples’ stories so we can see how (or if) storytelling on Snapchat is different from storytelling in conventional media. We also want to compare the way people tell personal stories on Snapchat to the way the Live Story about the event is presented, if there is a Live Story about the March.

We need your permission to do this (your informed consent), because any time researchers record data about an individual that can be connected to the individual, we have to get permission from the person and also have the whole project approved by an ethics committee. In this case, the data that could identify you is any snaps in which you show your face.

Unless you give us explicit permission, we will never share a video or screenshot of your story online or in a presentation or when we publish our research, because you have copyright for the snaps you have taken, of course! What we are asking now is simply for us to keep a copy so we can analyse the narratives.

Right now we are researching snapchat narratives, but we would also like to keep the videos for later use. We would love to be able to come back to this material 15 or 25 years from now so we can see how narrative styles have changed, so we plan to keep the videos for 25 years, unless you ask us to remove them sooner.

If you’d like, send us your email or another way we can contact you ( or jilltxt on Snapchat) and we will send you a draft of any publications before we publish them. We’d love feedback – and that way you can also make sure that you’re OK with what we write.

If you have any questions, send one of us a snap (jilltxt or undars) or contact us at or

And even if you say yes now, you can change your mind at any time. Simply send us a snap or an email and let us know, and we will delete the video.

This project has been reported to the Data Protection Official for Reserach at the Norwegian Social Science Data Services.