What kinds of narrative are Snapchat stories?

I’ve been watching lots of Snapchat stories and thinking about the narrative techniques they use – I think I need to write a paper about that. So today’s Snapchat Research Story is about Snapchat and narrative. This story is over three minutes long, which is probably way too long for Snapchat…

I really like how the ten second video limit makes you choose your words very carefully, and split what you want to say into clear points. If you ramble on you instantly see it doesn’t work and have to redo it right away which is a really good learning strategy! I find doing this is helping me clarify my thoughts. This video took me 90 minutes to make, start to finish, and wasn’t storyboarded but obviously these are things I was already thinking about.

08. April 2016 by Jill
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  1. Hi! Thanks a lot for your thoughts on the subject. I am very intrigued myself and think there’s a lot to research about how platforms such as Snapchat shape human relations!

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