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In a wonderful coincidence, both Scott and I have been invited to Sydney to separate events just as the Northern winter starts to really show it’s serious. I’m keynoting the shifted media stream of the Journalism Education Association Australia conference on November 26, with a talk on blogging and journalism. Jenna Price of the University of Technology Sydney is the conference convenor and has been very helpful – we had a lot of fuss getting our flights changed so we could come to JEAA conference*, and poor Jenna was a stalwart supporter. Scott is participating in a small workshop on electronic literature led by Anna Gibbs at the University of Western Sydney a week and a half later. We’ve managed to add on a self-organised writer’s retreat in the Blue Mountains (we have great plans of taking turns going on bushwalks with the baby and toddler so each of us gets a chance to sit and write in charming cafÈs) and later, we’ve planned beach and family time in and around Perth, where my family is from.

I finally found the website for the JEAA conference, and am quite amused at the how to get here map:

google map of sydney

From Norway, that’s pretty much the information I need. But if I were actually in Sydney, would the initial view of that Google map give me a more relevant, close-up view of the map?

Anyway, when I’m not soothing babies, planning next semester’s teaching, booking rental cars with sufficient numbers of car seats for babies, or feeling bad about not having done enough work on the ELMCIP project, I’m plotting out my talk for JEAA. I’ll be using some of the thoughts I talked about in this (Norwegian) presentation, but definitely with some changes and additions. It’s been a while since I’ve talked specifically about blogging rather than social media in general – so I’ll have to think a little about that, too. Let me know if you have ideas for what I should cover!

I’m looking forwards to the rest of the day, too. Axel Bruns is speaking right after me, and I know he’ll give a good talk, and there’s a panel on social media after that.

09. November 2010 by Jill

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