norwegian websites against ie6

This is kind of cool – a bunch of people in charge of big web sites in Norway have put up warnings on their website to people using Internet Explorer 6.0 (which is from 2001 and horrible to code for) that they have out of date browsers and that they should upgrade. Here’s a long string of screenshots of these warnings. There are a LOT of sites with the warning, and the sites target pretty much all Norwegians – not just webheads.

Interestingly, there’s a surge of IE6 users every Monday morning, showing that the issue is actually old browsers in the work place, not at home. Embarrassingly, Statoil has a lot of those Monday morning IE6 users.

A kind of cool aspect of the campaign is that it started on Twitter, where Erlend Schei, the guy in charge of’s website suggested it and rapidly others followed on. I’ve been using Twitter more over the last few weeks and while I’m still not convinced about its being all that much better than, say,, Facebook and/or blogs, you do get some good links on it. I’m jilltxt on Twitter. Of course!

19. February 2009 by Jill

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