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a sense of audience in Second Life, in real life and at MiT5

image from plenary not broadcast to Second LifeCory Ondrejka in the second plenary here at MiT5 thinks there is no community in blogs. Posting this is equivalent to standing on a hill yelling at you all through a megaphone, and if you leave a comment or link to this from your own blog, you’re just standing over on your separate hill yelling through your own megaphone. There’s no sense of community or audience in blogs, or on the web: it’s fundamentally a solo experience, albeit sometimes experienced in parallel. If a video is streamed to Second Life, on the other hand, the audience is right there and can discuss the video with other people in the audience in real time.

The image above is from the streaming of the first plenary from this conference to Second Life, and was captured by Jude, who attempted to attend the session – in Second Life. Unfortunately, all he actually got to see was a quicktime loading icon for 45 minutes – so much for that. He does note that he got to talk with the people around him, though he doesn’t say whether they talked about anything interesting or relevant to the talk. And he notes he has no idea who these people are in real life.

I’m following Twitter and checking Technorati for blog posts about this conference. I’m getting to know a few new people, which is interesting. And instead of formulating a question about all this to ask in public, I’m writing this blog post. Yelling from a megaphone? Hardly.

[Axel Bruns has more complete notes on this session]

28. April 2007 by Jill

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