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Kulturnett Norge gave me a call last week and asked if I could talk at a seminar they had today in Bergen – they wanted something on web communication, they said. is a rather cool site and system that connects all cultural organisations in Norway – museums, libraries, literary organisations and so on – imagine the potential!

So I did some surfing this weekend and it turns out that “museoblogging” is this whole new thing. One inspiring find was Jim Spadaccini’s blog with roundups of museums, blogs and community sites, and in particular his powerpoint for a presentation he gave back in March on Museum and Web 2.0. My other favourite find was the Walker Art Centre’s blogs, which are marvellous. They even blogged about their guidelines for their blogging staff. Here’s a great summary of what a museum blog might have that would make it worthwhile:

Ösomething more personal, something thatís not going be on the official website. Perhaps press/reviews regarding exhibitions from publications, reviews of staff, of programming and/or performance, curatorial insights, anecdotes about installation, execution, general thoughts, images, artist interviews that are included in current exhibitions, etc. Anything that supplements and rounds out the programming and, perhaps, includes the viewer. Blogs can make the possibilities of what an institution can do endless and with ease. (Caryn Coleman)

I piled a lot of screenshots into a powerpoint for this talk, and since I found Jim Spadaccini’s powerpoint so useful, I thought I should share mine as well. So here it is, in Norwegian, and mostly screenshots to be honest, but with URLs as appropriate: Nettformidling 2.0. Or you can click through it right here, thanks to

(Mind you, the font’s messed up. I guess maybe it’s Mac-specific. Pity.)

16. October 2006 by Jill

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