busy busy busy

[Update: later that day. Goodness. Don’t you hate these “busier-than-thou” posts? Oh well, please forgive me, these things happen to the best of us… And I was feeling kinda guilty for not posting!]

Among the next few weeks’ all-consuming tasks are:

  • Read two MA theses
  • grade a 7 cm stack of undergrad portfolios from the web design and web aesthetics course (and that’s just the paper portion of their mostly digital portfolios)
  • making sure all the teaching schedules for various courses this autumn are finalised
  • writing a grant proposal
  • write an abstract for a paper (due yesterday)
  • all the little daily things

But on Friday I move into the corner office.

And in three weeks time my little girl and I are flying to New York! Summer holidays! Hooray!

31. May 2005 by Jill

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