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I’m switching my URL. I’m going to have to change URLs in any case and it seems obvious that I should choose one I like and will be keeping. My two options are or – and I don’t know which to pick! The second would obviously only be available while I’m employed at UiB, but I expect to be staying till my daughter’s grown. Whaddaya reckon?

Of course I’m very concerned I might loose my status as the no. one hit for Jill on Google. But last time I switched URLs I got my PageRank back within a month or two.

04. February 2005 by Jill

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  1. – without a doubt. Short, to the point and easily pronouncable as jilltextdotnet.
    I find textdotooeyebeedotno harder to remember (and recommend) 🙂

  2. You have to keep your brand! I agree with Stewart; it has to be.


  4. Thumbs up for jilltxt dot whatever, you’ll probably think it was a good investment ten years from now. A non-uib domain name would also be useful for creating a lasting web identity for all the papers and books you’ll write during the next few years.

    What would be a more daring move is to apply for an official name change to Jill Txt Walker. 😉


    Apart from whatever extra technical work you get, I can recommend having your own domain – it gives you the opportunity to make sure that the URLs to your papers do not change even if/when you change jobs. More important than page rank, I think.

  6. – GO!

  7. I would go for A nice clean and simple URL.

  8. .net~!
    You’ll get your page rank back so soon. I lost mine in December – and have it back now!

  9. Agreed, gets my vote. I’m also really enjoying the head of department briefs. It’s a view of academia most of us never get to see!

  10. Of course it should be You can grab the domain-name (possibly for free) and maybe still leave your contents on the university server.

  11. Add another vote for jilltxt.


  12. Guess that settles it, then! I just bought and will point it to the UiBs web hotel thing I’m moving to, for now, at least. Hopefully I’ll get it done by next week.

    Jesper, you’re right about the stable URL for papers and things. And H?•kon, I’ll consider the name change 😉

  13. Foiled again. I was going to buy and sell it to you for a tidy profit, but I’m too late. I guess I’ll just have to set up an annoying advertising-filled site at to try to get some traffic from those who mistype your new URL.

  14. Ha!

    Oh dear, I see my domain-purchase has come far enough through the system to have acquired an “under construction” sign. Nick, I promise I had nothing to do with it and would never do such a thing, not even to annoy you!

  15. I am, as usual, late for the party, but let me throw in one more post facto vote for Besides the reasons cited above (including foiling Nick, always a good idea), I’d add having a stable email address. That was the most compelling reason for me when I signed up donutage. Although I still use my work email for official business, it’s good to know that friends and family will always be able to reach my personal address.

  16. The Number 1 Jill on Google – neat!

  17. Wow. Surely that moving-paintbrush animated GIF isn’t included in the basic $8.50 – you must have upgraded to the power package to get that.

  18. Jilltxt all the way! That is so cool you are the #1 Jill on Google.

  19. one more vote for

  20. Defenitely It is easier to remember.

  21. Your blog header, jill/txt, is unique and memorable, as is the photo of the running little girl, which I imagine is you (although it could be your daughter). Since you can’t use the forward slash in a domain name, your URL’s gotta be (You could always have a second url with the designation for special purposes.)

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