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Celebrities’ self-presentation (notes on a paper by David P. Marshall)

Notes on Marshall, P. David. “The promotion and presentation of the self: celebrity as marker of presentational media.” Celebrity Studies 1, no. 1 (2010): 35-48. Marshall has previously written extensively about traditional celebrity, and starts his argument by reminding us of … Continue reading

06. March 2014 by Jill
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What if the Greensboro 4 were on Twitter?

One advantage of being on sabbatical is that you learn things and meet people you wouldn’t have if you’d stayed home. This week I was lucky enough to go to a talk by Duke professor Mark Anthony Neal at the … Continue reading

05. March 2014 by Jill
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Reading a Twitter stream as a text or as a social act of self-expression

Lisa Boncheck Adams (@AdamsLisa) is a mother of three who has tweets and blogs about her life with cancer. Adams is currently undergoing radiation treatment and has been writing about the pain of side effects, with fairly detailed descriptions of the … Continue reading

16. January 2014 by Jill
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I should have written about animated gifs on Tumblr in the 2nd edition of Blogging!

Of course once anything is published you realise all the things you would love to add. Looking at how my seventeen-year-old was reading about the US government shutdown not in newspapers or on Twitter but through Tumblr’s animated gifs and … Continue reading

04. October 2013 by Jill
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Figshare for sharing academic papers with their datasets

My paper for Chercher le texte, the Electronic Literature Organization’s 2013 conference in Paris next month, is about ready and I’ve uploaded it to the ELO conference website and to Figshare. Figshare was new to me. It’s an open access non-peer-reviewed … Continue reading

26. August 2013 by Jill
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Follow me on Facebook instead?

With national elections coming up next month here in Norway, I’m interested in how politicians are using social media. There’s certainly a lot of activity on Facebook, and KrF’s Knut Arild Hareide is one of the people said to be … Continue reading

05. August 2013 by Jill
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Norwegian values

I would probably vote for SV if I was a Norwegian citizen and could vote in the Norwegian elections this September, as I agree with them more than I agree with most other parties, but I think Mathias Fischer has … Continue reading

30. July 2013 by Jill
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Being offended at joy or grief in social media

I wrote an opinion piece for Aftenposten this week arguing that we need to be more tolerant of people who share personal crises – or for that matter, personal happiness – in social media. Yesterday, journalist Kjersti Nipen did a great follow-up interview with … Continue reading

13. July 2013 by Jill
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Glassed-out stare: the latest in new tech anxieties

Ian Bogost’s analysis of the “glassed out” vacant stare of Google Glass users surfing the web is particularly interesting in that it allows us to think more clearly about the now-familiar way people mark distance from their immediate surroundings by … Continue reading

25. June 2013 by Jill
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A Pinterest Story

I love seeing popular social media genres repurposed into something playful, into a story, into a game. Tiffany Beveridge‘s Pinterest board My Imaginary Well-Dressed Daughter is an example. It’s just a Pinterest board, but filled with fashion photos of children, … Continue reading

21. June 2013 by Jill
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