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Upcoming talk on my book

I’m going to present my research on digitally mediated self-representation here at UIC’s Department of Communications on Wednesday March 12 at noon. If you’re in Chicago, please come! It’s in room 1169 in the Behavioral Sciences Building, the one that … Continue reading

07. March 2014 by Jill
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An online selfie course for academics

Terri Senft is also working on selfies, and started up a Selfie Research Network on Facebook the other day. The group already has 180 members and is a very active site of sharing and conversation. There’s a Zotero bibliography and … Continue reading

10. February 2014 by Jill
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note for post on surveillance being cool

Facebook is just as interesting in reading between the lines as Google is. In the Facebook Third Quarter Earnings Conference Call on October 30, Mark Zuckerberg explained that one of Facebook’s main goals is “understanding the world”: What I mean … Continue reading

05. November 2013 by Jill
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Being Norwegian AND another nationality

I was born in Norway and have lived here for more than 35 of the 41 years I’ve been alive, but I’m still not a Norwegian citizen. You see, Norway is among the dwindling group of countries that still insists … Continue reading

05. August 2013 by Jill
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An offline troll

I arrived home from holidays to find a hand-addressed letter in the letter box. The contents weren’t so nice, though:

29. July 2013 by Jill
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A wishlist for our library from Routledge’s 2013 catalogue

Leafing through Routledge’s catalogue for Media and Communication I ended up with a long list of books I’d be interested in. I must say though, almost all these books cost at least £80 each, which seems exorbitant. I won’t be … Continue reading

24. May 2013 by Jill
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Autotune remix interview as a way of politicizing an issue

You probably saw it already, but I wanted to make a note of the autotune of Charles Ramsey, the neighbour who rescued three women who were kidnapped ten years ago and had been kept captive in a suburban house. He … Continue reading

08. May 2013 by Jill
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Imaginary bombs

“I saw two aeroplanes dropping bombs over our preschool,” Jessie told me. “No planes have dropped bombs over Bergen since grandma was a baby,” I said. “That only happens in wartime, and luckily there haven’t been wars here for a … Continue reading

21. April 2013 by Jill
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PhD fellowship available on extremist discourse online – and open call as well

I’ve been dreadfully remiss in forgetting to post a note here about the PhD fellowships that are currently available at our department. We have seven open fellowships for the whole department (so any topic within digital culture, Nordic, linguistics, comparative … Continue reading

17. December 2012 by Jill
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How to hack gender stereotyping and let girls and boys just be kids

Children are constantly exposed to gender stereotypes, but as a parent, I would like to minimize that influence and allow them to stay as open as possible about what sort of person they would like to be. There are ways to … Continue reading

25. November 2012 by Jill
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